For the past 25 years, Regioplan Policy Research has specialised in social and economic research with a wide range of expertise. Our main themes are social policy, education and youth, employment and the labour market, migration and integration, crime and safety, health care, economic policy and business, good governance and regional and urban policy.

Research and advice
We offer a number of services, such as:

- impact assessments;
- policy evaluations (ex ante and ex post);
- feasibility studies;
- country comparisons;
- scenario studies;
- benchmark studies.

We offer research which is tailored to each phase of the policy cycle.

Independent policy research
Regioplan offers its clients fully independent policy research. It guarantees the objectivity of all its research outcomes. Regioplan is an independent private company. It is not aligned to any public or private organisation or institution and is therefore well suited for third-party research on delicate policy issues.

Policy research as core competence
Regioplan’s core activity is policy research. This makes Regioplan different from academic organisations or large consultancy firms. We have a true understanding of policy impact, and have many years of experience in managing large-scale projects in various international contexts. Together with a personnel base of highly experienced researchers and project managers this constitutes a very successful combination to support your policy research questions.

If you need a well-founded expert opinion in order to design, evaluate or choose your policy, Regioplan advisors can assist you through designing your policy initiative, provide advice on best practises with our knowledge of different European policy models; evaluate and analyse stakeholder opinions and provide advice on the consequences of policy implementation.

Broad methodological expertise
We carry out both quantitative and qualitative studies, in which we make use of state-of-the-art methodologies, such as online questionnaires, focus groups, workshops, audits, participation and observation. Furthermore, we have vast experience with processing and analysing extensive data files.