Knowledge areas

We have extensive expertise of multiple knowledge areas. One of our particular strengths is our interdisciplinary approach. This leads to valuable insights and surprising solutions to complex policy questions.

Social policy

Improving people’s livelihood through social policies and equal opportunities policies remains one the key priorities for the Dutch government as well as for the European Commission. Regioplan assists a wide range of parties, such as the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, municipalities, social security agencies and the European Commission on issues related to social policy development.

Education and Youth

In this field, Regioplan has ranked among the top of Dutch research agencies for decades. We provide services to the authorities, umbrella organisations and educational institutes. Important themes are: educational financing, alignment between education and the labour market, youth policies, child care, pre-school education, dropouts, et cetera. As true education experts we have access to extensive data files, background information, a vast network and experience with any type of research or advice.

Migration and integration

The integration of ethnic minorities is an issue of constant political concern. In an attempt to improve the social position of these groups, the main focus is on integration programmes. Regioplan is closely connected to the development and implementation of such policy measures. We also conduct research on the results of current integration policies. Furthermore, Regioplan provides research and analysis on different elements of migration policies, such as economic migration and refugee policies.

Employment and the labour market

Labour participation will continue to be an important theme in the years to come. Redistributing budgets is an important means to enable increasing participation. In addition, more attention is being paid to growing mobility of the labour force, migration of labour and reintegration into the low-skilled labour market. Regioplan has measured the effects of various labour market policies, performed comparative studies among European Member States and provided the Commission with best practices of labour market policies, instruments and funds.


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Crime and safety

We perform research and provide advice on the application of safety interventions and assist in implementing new crime prevention policies. Regioplan has expert knowledge on the organisations that design and carry out safety policies. We are experienced in analyzing and evaluating the operational methods of institutions across the entire chain of law enforcement, such as the police, judicial authorities, victim support services, prisons and municipalities. Moreover, Regioplan has ample experience in comparing the effectiveness of policy measures between EU Member States.

Regional development and urban policy

Urban areas as well as peripheral rural regions face many problems and challenges. In both areas, policymakers are concerned with issues such as regeneration of deprived neighbourhoods, social housing and meeting the demands of local communities. Regioplan has a multi-disciplinary approach to research these issues, incorporating other social questions such as (un)employment, the social inclusion of migrants, safety and healthcare.