Knowledge areas

We have extensive expertise of multiple knowledge areas. One of our particular strengths is our interdisciplinary approach. This leads to valuable insights and surprising solutions to complex policy questions.


Education is changing constantly and education policy is always under scrutiny. As education specialists we are familiar with these dynamics and therefore we understand both the schools and the policymakers. We connect these two worlds with research and advice.


Economic research for government bodies and national and international business. Our strength lies in connecting economic research techniques to our substantive knowledge in a large number of policy areas. We often cooperate with Cebeon, our sister company that is specialised in financial and economic questions.


The road to maturity is full of challenges and obstacles. We both support policies for youth who are doing well and for youth who need extra support. We do this by connecting our specialist knowledge in the areas of education, health care, safety, work and participation.

Employment and social security

Two thirds of the Dutch labour force is in paid employment. Each person’s working life is different: people work full time or part time, do physical or mental work, and sometimes they are in supported employment. Under which circumstances and conditions do all these different people work? How do we support people who want to or are required to work if they cannot find work on their own?

Migration, integration and diversity

For many years, we have closely followed the developments regarding migration. We have an eye for the changed composition of the Dutch population, integration problems involved in this and the policy answers to these problems.


We investigate research questions concerning the purchasing power of elderly people, elderly unemployment, the impact of aging on the labour market, age discrimination, vulnerable elderly people and equal access to independently living at home, homecare, the Social Support Act and district teams.

Security and law

Projects concerning nuisance, crime and unsafety fall within the field of security and law. We evaluate preventive and repressive measures and sanctions, and we advise on the application of interventions and the implementation of new policies. We are familiar with the various actors in the security domain and are well trained in thinking from a chain cooperation perspective.

Social policy

Many changes have occurred in the social domain over the past few years since the decentralisation of power from the Dutch central government to local authorities. We support municipalities and care providers by taking up the role of sparring-partner, helping develop and implement new policies, and mapping out the efficiency and effectiveness of policies.

Housing and spatial planning

Changes in society and the economy influence the way we arrange and use the space around us. Our projects investigate geographic and demographic developments, and also the underlying economic processes. We often cooperate with Cebeon, our sister company that is specialised in financial and economic questions.