Regioplan Policy Research

In addition to assignments for Dutch organisations, Regioplan Policy Research is also active in the international market for policy research. One of Regioplan’s larger international clients is the European Commission and its various Directorate Generals. Our international research activities and advice include e.g. impact assessments, feasibility studies and evaluations.

Please consult our knowledge areas and services to see what Regioplan has to offer.

Knowledge areas

We have extensive expertise of multiple knowledge areas. One of our particular strengths is our interdisciplinary approach. This leads to valuable insights and surprising solutions to complex policy questions.




Employment and the labour market

Crime and safety

Migration, integration and diversity

Regional development and urban policy

Social policy



We help you draw up, implement and improve policy. Improvement cycles, connecting people and knowledge, and effective and innovative methods are key.

Policy development

We help with policy development. Stakeholder sessions for a goal-oriented start.

Policy research

Get a quick and effective overview of the implemented policy and its effects.

Policy implementation 

Advice and tools to adjust policy. Or an expert who does the work for you.